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• All the hiring tools you need in one, simple, affordable platform.
• Flexible Recruiting that scales up and down whenever you need it to.
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Our Software:

Video Interviewing Platform • Smart Scheduling • ATS • Reporting & Analytics • Career Sites • CRM
• Chrome Extension • Qualification Engine

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Our Services

Dedicated Recruiting Teams • Sourcing Teams • Salary Analysis • Process Design & Calibration • System Integrations • Sector Specialists

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Built by technology & talent leaders from some the world’s most innovative companies amplifies your talent team with results in the first week.

We pair you with an army of key talent leaders and specialists who have solved hiring at some of the world's best companies. We are not limited by geography, industry or bandwidth. We become a key team member for life, that expands and contracts when you need us too.


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Talent Leader

Mir Ali

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We make it simple for you

1. We Source   2. We Recruit   3. We Close  4. You Win


We Find & Qualify the Candidates for you

The Qualification Engine

Your business wastes thousands of hours screening calls.
Our embeddable qualification engine gives you back that time.  
It’s an immersive experience that can easily live on your career page or as a standalone site.

Capture key insights from candidates in real-time and get predicted compatibility scores BEFORE you waste time, money & distract your team with candidates who are not the right fit.  


We use A.I & Interview the Candidates for you

Intelligent Interviewing.

The more you use our tools, the smarter they get.

Our intelligent interviewing system is the opposite of the video conferencing systems you know.

These guided video calls are constantly learning –gathering crucial takeaways from every interview.


We Negotiate & Close the Candidates for you

From “Comp’s” to “Closing” we have your back and
guide you every step of the way.

Our data, tools and algorithms are secure, private, and 100% personalized to the core competencies you need and the organizational values that are most important to your individual teams. introduces flexible hiring without the risk.  We turn on teams led by top subject matter experts in whatever niches you want to expand into and pair them with globalized talent at discounted rates.


A Data Driven Approach to Diversity & Inclusion Makes Everyone Win

Intelligent Analytics that live, learn and grow with each application, interview & decision.

Objective quantifiable data is the only way to end bias and discrimination in the workplace.

See what’s really going on in the rooms where decisions are made. A clear analysis of the amount of time spent on different topics, creates a strong repository for both your team and our system to learn from. Take a data driven approach to each candidate on one page with interview analytics.

We connect all the dots for your candidates & solve the worst parts of hiring for you.

Services personalized to your organization


Recruiting & Sourcing: Everything from Comps to Closing


Org. Design and Job Descriptions


Interview Process Design & Reporting


Project Management




Workflow & Systems Optimization


Negotiations & Candidate Management


Vendor Management


Automated, Evolving Interstate Regulatory Compliance


Talent Branding, and Storytelling

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